Zainab Nadeem

Zainab Nadeem is a 20-year-old artist currently studying Visual Communication Design at National College of Arts, Pakistan. She loves to talk about important issues such as feminism, mental health issues, and her philosophies of life through different mediums. She believes that art has the power to make this world a better place; this belief keeps her motivated.

"Aurat March"

This digital painting was created in response to opposers of ‘Aurat March,’ Pakistans annual feminist march. Critics include religious and political leaders who claim the woman-led public action reflects neither Islamic values nor Pakistani culture. This piece rejects those false allegations and their insistence on portraying Muslim women as voiceless figures whose religion and state do not entitle them to demand their rights.
It is a call for a deeper level of intersectionality within the feminist movement in Pakistan: one that rationalizes women’s rights within the religious framework and acknowledges that liberty and empowerment can also be found outside secular and western notions of feminism. ‘Aurat March’ is a statement on behalf of Muslim women who have found the motivating force of their feminism within Islamic tradition, culture, and history.

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