Zainab Jafri

Visual Arts Editor

Zainab (she/her) is a Karachi-based advocate for the rights of women, minorities, laborers, and refugees, and believes that no individual or community should be stripped of the right to speak against the realities imposed upon them. She is an artist and a student at the Institute of Business Administration, where she is majoring in Economics. Zainab’s passion for arts transcends aesthetics. She attaches meaning to every piece she creates and hopes that her work touches and resonates with those that seek solidarity, empathy and humility. She wants to dedicate her time and work to initiatives that matter and require her to use her artistic and creative sides for the better. Her art can be found at @zainabjart on instagram.

In her free time, she can be found either painting canvases for her loved ones or listening to an Ariana Grande album for the millionth time. The purpose of art is to invoke action and Amnesty’s commitment to direct action makes The Matchstick the perfect combination of her passion for both social justice and art. The opportunity to be a part of The Matchstick ticks every box she has wanted to tick for years.