Tehreem Fatima

Literary Editor

Tehreem (she/her) is a Toronto-based intersectional feminist. As a student of politics and philosophy, she has developed an appreciation for the art of dialogue and communication. As a community advocate for progressive, human-rights-focused politics, she has observed art and dialogue, built bridges, amplified the heartbreak behind human rights abuses, and helped people heal and mourn. From works of acclaimed artists to scribbles on public streets or in the margins of reality, art has been the most efficient way for people to encapsulate and communicate the zeitgeist of their times beyond borders and across generations. By beholding the world we exist in today – with all its unprecedented challenges, chaos, horrors, and beauty – Tehreem has decided to join The Matchstick as a Literary Editor to help capture and communicate the signs of our time.She specifically hopes to help build urgency around the ever-growing refugee crisis as the number of  displaced people worldwide now doubles Canada’s population and as we begin to brave the climate catastrophe. She strongly recommends Taylor Swift 8th and 9th studio albums Folklore and Evermore (both are must listens).