Sasha Aristotle

Sasha (she/her) is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto, where she studied History, Economics, and English.  Sasha is eager to use her love of editing and passion for human rights to turn The Matchstick into a hub for  advocacy, creative expression, and knowledge-sharing for defenders, activists, and allies. She believes deeply in the power of youth engagement and action to create change, and is immensely grateful for the opportunity to co-lead The Matchstick. Sasha’s research interests focus on gender equity, solution-oriented approaches to economic and social rights abuses, the promotion of access to justice, and the use of the law as a tool for the enactment of  positive social change. Sasha’s past and current research has varied, concentrating alternately on economic inequality, political violence, trafficking of women and girls, toleration after sectarian violence, and access to justice. In her free time, Sasha can usually be found reading, learning, cooking, or exploring.