Rachel Lim

Visual Arts Editor

Rachel Lim (she/they) is a student at the University of Ottawa, where she is majoring in Conflict Studies and Human Rights and minors in Indigenous Studies. Rachel is a member of Amnesty‚Äôs University of Ottawa Chapter, National Organizers Program, and Climate Justice and Gender Rights Specialized Teams. She is also the Chair of the Amnesty Toronto Business and Human Rights+Indigenous Rights team and coordinator for Malaysia and Singapore. In her advocacy work, she prioritizes the protection of Indigenous peoples through Amnesty’s initiatives, from spreading awareness about MMIWG2S in the No More Stolen Sisters Campaign to solidarity actions for Indigenous environmental human rights defenders (EHRDs) like Bernardo Caal Xol.

Rachel believes that creative expression is a powerful activist tool crucial to all forms of solidarity work. To them, The Matchstick provides an accessible platform through which artists and writers can meaningfully engage in human rights education. They push everyone in the art community to decolonize by honouring the work of Indigenous artists, and particularly recommends the work of Alanah Jewell (@morning.star.designs), a Haudenosaunee illustrator, painter and muralist from the Bear Clan, Oneida Nation.