Niranjana Nambiar

With each stroke of her pencils, Niranjana Nambiar, a fifteen-year-old artist from Brampton, Canada, aspires to convey her understanding of social issues through her art. She runs an art account on Instagram and TikTok, known as “@nirandoesart”, and her passion to provide for the greater good of the world is what motivates her. On her account, she posts emotionally-moving pieces of art and accompanies them with write-ups that are based on her interpretations of her work. As a result, she creates change in her authentic way by advocating through her passion.


‘Thief’ features themes of feminism, social justice, activism, and the concept of “breaking the glass ceiling”. It addresses the constant threat that the many patterns of misogyny pose towards women in the workplace, especially members of the LGBTQ+ and POC communities who must break the glass ceiling to be seen and heard clearly. The artist draws from experiences where women are invalidated regardless of what their pursuits in life are; for example, they are shamed for choosing a family-oriented lifestyle and shamed for working too hard on their careers. This piece invites you to consider the unjust and often rootless expectations that violate a woman’s right to feel entitled to success, acceptance, and self-determination.

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