The Matchstick is Amnesty Canada’s biannual Arts & Lit magazine – a publication created by and for youth. 

 It explores the multi-faceted human rights landscape from the perspective of young human rights defenders, activists, advocates, artists, and allies. This platform intends to raise awareness of human rights violations, to close the gap between awareness and action through art, and to invite young artists and human rights defenders to meld their activism with their craft. 

Drawing on various artistic mediums, we aim to create an archive of personal expression that both responds to the world as it exists today and envisions a more just, equitable, and free future. 

As an extension of Amnesty Canada’s existing initiatives and work, we work in tandem with other Amnesty workers and volunteers to promote Amnesty’s core issues and initiatives. 

We offer you The Matchstick as an expression of youth human rights advocacy, a resource and intended source of inspiration for burgeoning activists, and a creative archive of global solidarity.