Malaika Qadeer

Malaika Qadeer is a seventeen year old Pakistani artist who uses the visual arts as a creative outlet to express her emotions. Through her work she raises awareness about the issues closest to her such as anti-Asian racism.

"I'm Not a Virus"

While anti-Asian racism is nothing new, the outbreak of COVID-19 played a crucial role in exacerbating the amount of violence, hatred, and discrimination experienced by Asian people. Sinophobia only refers to the Chinese, but it also contributes to discrimination against other Asian communities due to the Western world’s misconception of Asia as a monolith dominated by China. By falsely illustrating Asians as a foreign existential threat, this misconception divides and pits people against one another. This hatred has also evolved from microaggressions to massive crimes, proving the lethality of racism and xenophobia. The weaponization of this fear has left many Asians wondering if leaving their home will cost them their life. The assortment of flags in “I’m Not A Virus” addresses the necessary unity, kindness, and allyship between all Asian countries as they endure acts of racial injustice together.

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