Laila Jafri

Laila (she/her) is a campaign manager and writer based in Toronto. Driven by the idea that expression deepens association, she hopes The Matchstick will emerge as an open space for young artists and human rights defenders who are eager to live their stance. Imagination is the pulse of resistance, and Laila is honoured to work with a team of brilliant young activists who share that belief.

Her research looks at environmental justice as it relates to food security, migrant rights, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge. She stands in firm support of alternatives to incarceration that reject the punitive mindset of our justice systems.

She recommends the work of Chilean poet Raúl Zurita who, in response to Chile’s violent 1973 coup d’état, founded the group ‘Colectivo Acciones de Artel’, organizing several public-art actions against the military dictatorship.