Heba Khan

Poetry is not only a means of self-expression for Heba Khan, but also a mirror through which she aims to reflect the inner state of her readers. She has been writing for over a decade in a mosaic of languages that she has inherited and learned throughout her life. Heba has also published her work in local and global anthologies, along with some campus-based publications. Her poem “A Poet’s Dead Languages” has also been selected as the best-written poem amongst a pool of talented writers. Recently growing her passion for poetry, Heba has expanded beyond the realm of the pen; she has been refining her craft in spoken poetry and earned third place in her first poetry slam. Heba aspires to bridge the distance between many worlds, one poem at a time. You can find her work at @anjaanography.

""Anatomy of a Woman"

This poem aims to capture the conflicts of a daughter who is navigating Diaspora and demanding justice for women’s rights. It is a call to unite in our identities and differences and to mobilize our voices against systemic discrimination. These poems present different perspectives advocating for what it is to be a daughter of Diaspora and a woman by accepting all her identities.

Amnesty Actions: