Aiman Ashraf

Aiman Ashraf is from Pakistan and is currently pursuing a Masters in Education Policies for Global Development as an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholar at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Glasgow, University of Cyprus and University of Bremen. She is mostly found reading books, sipping chai, occasionally practicing her guitar, casually dismantling the patriarchy and enthusiastically advocating for girls' education. She is interested in postcolonial studies and South Asian history. She can be reached at [email protected]

""What Does the Past Hold?"

‘What Does the Past Hold?’ challenges the idea that our present is liberated from the shadows of our colonial past by revisiting traces that still shape lived realities in today’s post-partition subcontinent (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh). The poem is a reminder that colonization was always more than just an event in our history; its bloodshed and violent reshaping permeate through generations to uphold structures of white supremacy, capitalism, and misogyny. It addresses the biased history we are taught in schools and the students who are mocked and humiliated when they dare to uncover the hold of the past. More than anything else, this poem is an ode to the perseverance of women who have been the first to suffer at the hands of these violent tools. It is a call to never forget their sacrifices and never silence their voices, to unlearn and relearn, to decolonize our minds and institutions, and to provide women with the recognition, the freedom, and the rights that they deserve.

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