By Parisa Arizi

Home isn’t home anymore
Home is like a collapsing building
You have to leave before it’s all gone
You see your city tearing apart
Just like the families who lost loved members
Your thoughts running faster than your legs
Your heart beating faster than the bullets
The boy you once knew is now holding a gun
No one leaves home
Unless home is hell
Unless water is safer
No one leaves home
Unless standing up is easier on water
You get into the boat
Thinking about what you’re leaving behind
It’s not something you ever thought of doing before
But now there is no choice but to leave
Knowing you will never go back
You tear up your passport at the airport
As you wipe each tear from your face
You try to wipe the memories that caused it
It’s not home here
It’s safe here
No matter how hard it is here
The pain is nothing compared to what you experienced before
It’s a new country
A new culture
A new journey
And a hope for a better life

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