The Dangers of Capitalism

Art done by instagram user @inktestines 

How much credit
Do these credit cards give me?

In a world ruled by the labels on our purses
Who are the real rulers?

I know not what real excitement is;
My feelings are given to me
By the media and on the racks of department stores.

I will go to school,
Spending thousands of dollars
To provide a service
To the top 1%;

I will do this
Because it is what we call “success.”

I will wait for the launch of the next iPhone
Spend hundreds of dollars for a camera with more pixels
Enough to feed an entire village of starving children;
But my reputation
Is more important.

My designer leather handbag
Is more important
Than the animals who died to create it.
More important
Than the price tag which could buy a car.

When I dare to be different
And ignore these atrocities
I will be mocked.

An outcast.
I will allow a label
To define me,
Allow myself to be consumed
For the fire to be extinguished
By the mere swipe
Of a piece of plastic
The size of my palm.

This is happiness,
I will tell myself.
Is what you worked for.
What your children will work for.
What your parents worked for before you.

Because these credit cards
Give us more credit
Than our high school education
Ever did.

Because it is the 1%
That can afford luxuries
So who else matters?
Because a booming economy
Is much more valuable
Than a world
In which all are seen as equal.

Because the cure to cancer
Could be locked in the mind
Of an uneducated child,
The next president
Could have died
Of malnourishment,
Because the man who sleeps on the streets
Will never see a roof over his head;
They won’t hire him
In his stained shirt and ripped jeans.

Because the sound of the cash register
Is louder
Than the weeping of the world.

Written By: Sneha Wadhwani

Take action now! Invest your values and ask global brands whether popular food and cosmetics sold in Canada contain palm oil tainted by human rights abuses 



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