This Is My Reality

Barren ground
Many tents
Children wandering around
Loud cries at night
Mama jumps in fright
This is my reality

I don’t see papa no more
Mama said he’s in a better place
I remember when we had our little store
And mama always had a smile on her face
But now it’s just the two of us
Trying to face the world without a fuss
This is my reality

Nightmares haunt me
I hear the bombs and see the debris
I remember my best friend Manashmi
She used to tell me stories and set my imagination free
I sometimes cry myself to sleep
Because my emotions and sadness run so deep
This is my reality

I’ve always wanted to be an engineer
I wonder if my dreams will ever come true
My mind is constantly swimming in fear
School is overcrowded and materials are so very few
Mama works so hard to take care of me
I dream to make her proud and see her filled with glee
This is my reality

I close my eyes and ask Allah to protect and bless mama and I
We are not greedy, all we want is food and warm shelter
I know I will see a happy day before I die
Mama always says Allah will help us and never falter
No matter what happens in life, I try to stay positive
Because I know that makes mama strong, so that’s my incentive
This is my reality

Syria will forever be my beautiful homeland
It is just this cruel world that has destroyed my country
The government and the corruption, I simply cannot stand
These entitled demons are forcing us to flee
So here I am
Dreaming of warm toast and jam
This is my reality

Despite all this pain and sorrow, I am here
Regardless of the fear and terror, I stand strong
As long as Allah is watching us, I have nothing to fear
Syria, my beautiful country, it is you that I long
I will continue to dream, and I’ll continue to fight
Someday, I’ll see the light
This is my reality

Written by: Mellisa Ramkissoon

TAKE ACTION! Urge Canada to play a leading role in developing and coordinating a more coherent and rights-based global approach to the Syrian crisis

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